I was invited to the Cloud 23 Bar inside the Hilton Hotel in Manchester, I was really excited because the bar has an amazing view from the Beetham Tower but also because they have a new campaign out called the 'Summer Of Science', to celebrate Manchester being named the European City of Science this year (Science wasn't my favourite subject at school but for some reason I was pretty good at it and the experiment side was quite exciting). I took my Mum with me and we were treated to the Science Lab Afternoon Tea and a Cocktail Masterclass which was set up like a Science Lab and I obviously had to wear a really cool lab coat! Here are some of the photo's I took:

 We took part in the Cocktail Masterclass where we created a yummy alcoholic drink using Science themed equipment (and a fab lab coat). I think the concept is fun and would be amazing for a group of friends to do to break up the night! 
This is our finished cocktails after mixing and adding different drinks to the mix, they tasted amazing too! There are three different types of cocktails you can learn to make called 'Project X' 'Daiquiri 2.0' and 'Vertigo'. 
As well as the original Cloud 23 menu, there was also three special science inspired cocktails added. These are the 'Daltons Atomic', 'Old Thom Henry's Cherry Effervescent' and 'Up and AT'om'
The Science Lab Afternoon Tea is available for £30 everyday from 12pm - 5pm until the 29th August. It was absolutely delicious! I actually felt quite full after eating the most of it, it was just the right amount to have so I could keep room for drinks! My favourite's were the Logarithmic Spiral of spinach, feta and basil pesto pinwheel along with the Archimedes mozzarella and tomato salso mini bagels! Of course, the dessert was my ultimate favourite and I loved the Lunar Moon Rock Cakes!
If you're ever looking for something to do in Manchester then I would recommend coming here! I would love to come again and bring my friends to try it too this summer. You can find more information by clicking here

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