Feel Good Contacts supply top branded prescriptive and cosmetic contact lenses, as well as glasses at a discounted price. They recently filmed a variety of makeup tips with celebrity makeup artist - Cassie Lomas and I modelled the amazing looks. Personally as a glasses wearer I always find that I have to change my makeup when I wear them so it's really interesting finding out new tips. You can spot me and watch their videos here or click the images in my blog post. It was also my first time trying contact lenses so I thought I'd share my experience with you all...

I have been wearing glasses since January and questioning whether I wanted to get contact lenses as they would be really helpful for when I'm dancing. I am not going to lie, at the beginning I was totally creeped out at the thought of touching my eyeball, but after a couple of attempts I actually got the hang of putting in the lenses and taking them out. I was styling green and blue pairs in no time. Not only am I keen to get prescriptive lenses now, I am also excited for a fancy dress party or Halloween because I am dying to create some looks using the coloured lenses, I think it'll be fab to do some party tutorials in October.

I am ALWAYS tweeting about the struggles of wearing glasses, I find it super annoying when my eyelashes touch my lenses or my eyebrows are hidden or my eye makeup is hidden behind the lenses and Cassie Lomas gave same top tips on how to solve these issues. It was also interesting to find out which eyeshadows suited which contact lenses and I also questioned how would you avoid getting makeup on your contact lenses so it was lucky that they filmed a tutorial on that too! Click the video link above to watch!

Do you have any makeup tips for when you are wearing glasses/contact lenses?

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