On Wednesday I went back to Vapiano in the Manchester Corn Exchange for their new cocktail launch, which I have to admit I was pretty excited about! I previewed the cocktails before they release on June 1st. Upon arrival I was handed the Raspberry Royale and shared a antipasti platter full of cheese, meats and bruschetta with my friend, Matthew. The Bruschetta Duo had to be my favourite, it was really tasty and fresh (and how beautiful does it look on photo!!) Now on to the Cocktails...

The first drink we tried was the Vapiano Spritz, this is a traditional Italian Cocktail like the Aperol Spritz. However, they added some rhubarb syrup and gin to give it a sweeter taste. The original is more bitter than the Vapiano twist, so there is something for everyone depending on your taste buds. 
The next cocktail we tried was the Mai Tai which tasted like Summer, I love the way it is presented and it was delicious! This is one of the cocktails that you can imagine drinking on holiday and would be lovely in the sunny weather we've been getting recently (please come back!).
This next cocktail was my favourite - the Long Island Iced Tea - not only because it came in a mason jar but also because of the lemon, fruiTEA taste (that pun was 100% intended). I would definitely get this again. It's really tasty and the lemon flavour is refreshing. 
Lastly, to end the night Vapiano treated us to some amazing desserts with a glass of Gin & Tonic with Hendrick's tonic, rosemary and cucumber. I'm not the biggest fan of Gin as I much prefer the fruitier and sweeter cocktails but if you do like Gin then you won't be disappointed! We demolished the Death By Chocolate, italian style chocolate cake and the Bacia, which is a chocolate and hazelnut blended on a biscuit base, topped with chopped hazelnuts. I had this dessert last time I went to Vapiano and it is amazing!

If you haven't read my last blog post on my Vapiano meal, then you probably don't know that this restaurant has become one of my favourites - if I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life, I would pick Italian - I'm a sucker for pasta and pizza! Thank you to the lovely people at Vapiano for having me there, it was a lovely event and I can't wait to take my friends to try it out. If any of my readers are in Manchester or visiting - you need to stop there on my behalf and tell me! :) They are also doing a 2 for 1 on the cocktails during happy hour (4-7pm) with prices starting from £4.50!

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