Is anyone else slightly obsessed with shower gels, especially Original Source? My shower gel collection is huge because they smell so amazing! Almost 4000,000 Facebook fans voted to choose the limited edition Hibiscus and Pomegranate Tea Shower Gel! It smells absolutely amazing, it's definitely fruiTEA! 

The sweet and fruity fragrance is made using 100% natural ingredient, perfect for vegans and was inspired by the Hibiscus and Pomegranate Tea which they kindly sent to me, it smells and tastes just as good - I can really see where they got their inspiration from! I joined the #OSTribe a while back which you might have seen my blog post here - I get to try out and let you guys know about new releases which is pretty exciting! Especially, if your into beauty products like me.

The shower gel is available at lots of major retailers across the UK at £2.20 (RRP). You can also find out more at the website www.originalsource.co.uk!

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