My collection of hair products is slowly growing, I have so many options that when it comes to having a shower it's quite overwhelming but two products that I HAVE to use after every wash is the Duck and Dry Blow Dry In A Bottle or Instant TLC. They are sprays that are packed with natural ingredients and smell immense! 

As stated on the Duck and Dry website "Duck and Dry is a brand behind the finest blow drys and updos in London. Their style bar is on the trendy Kings Road and is known for it's energy and buzz - as a go-to place for great hair and a great time. Having created beautiful hair for thousands of clients since their launch, they have been on a quest to extend the experience to your home. Their natural range of fuss-free haircare and styling essentials helps you achieve a professional blow dry when they are not at hand" 

Both of these products I use after a shower/bath when my hair is damp (but I don't use both at the same - I'm not sure how that will go down!) The Blow Dry In A Bottle is made from Honey Locust which instantly gives your hair a boost of volume, I spray the product all over my hair to give it as much volume as I can, the longer my hair gets the thinner it starts to look so I really want to avoid this. It works perfectly, once I've blow dried my hair I can definitely see the lift. The ingredients also include Ginseng, White Nettle and essential oils. It smells natural and fresh, I love it! 

I have also tried the Instant TLC Leave-In Conditioner which again, also smells gorgeous! I spray this on the ends of my hair and blow dry it how I usually would. You can also leave it to naturally dry - but don't wash it out! I suffer from frizzy hair and this spray really helped calm it down! You get a smooth and healthy finish which looks gorgeous. My mum actually said 'Your hair looks so shiny and healthy' after I used it! 

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