Today's blog post links to the Youtube video I have created here - I am going to be sharing 5 tips that I live by when studying for my exams. If you didn't know, I am currently in college and revising for my A-Levels this Summer. I also have a fun Project Mc2 giveaway for you. And it's inspired by British Science Week (March 11th - 20th) I honestly think you'll love it!

You might be thinking "Aren't you a bit old for dolls?" But.... if you let me tell you a little more, you will see why I am super keen to promote this amazing brand!! If you're unfamiliar with Project Mc2 then I should probably let you know that they are a fashion doll line for young girls and it is also a series on Netflix! However, what's different about this brand, to other doll lines, is their ethos. 

Their tagline is 'Smart is the new cool' (so true!)  and they are all about encouraging girls to be more involved in science and other subjects in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) because if you didn't know, careers in these areas are dominated by the males!! Where are all the girls at? It is something I am passionate about as I'm all for girl power!  

All of the dolls come with a science experiment, such as creating your own lava lamp, I know I would have absolutely loved these as a kid. They also have their 'Circuit Beats' (Check out Ep1 on Netflix) which I tried out on my YouTube and who would have thought I could have so much fun with a bunch of bananas! 

As exam season is coming up and a lot of people are going to be studying for test and assessments all across the UK, I thought it'd be cool to share some of my top tips for studying and to keep the stress levels at ease. So this is what I've got...

1 // Keep your work space clear so that your mind can be clear.

2 // Don't procrastinate. Get your homework done as soon as you can so you can spend more time doing fun stuff! 

3 // If you fail a test, see where you went wrong so you can improve. Failure is essential to growth. And remember test scores don't define you.

4 // Your teachers jobs are to help you learn. Don't be afraid to ask questions or get further explanation.

5 // Try new methods of studying if one isn't working! Take notes, watch YouTube videos, draw mindmaps, listen to podcasts - there are so many ways!

If you're starting to feel stressed about your exams then  remember these points!

And lastly, if you would like to try out the Circuit Beats for yourself and get your hands on a Project Mc2 doll or maybe you know a young girl that you would love to inspire with the toys then I have a giveaway for you!! You can enter using the Rafflecopter below or through my YouTube here

- UK Residents Only
- Must be following @ProjectMc2 on Twitter
- Must be subscribed to my Youtube Channel: Laurie Elle
- Giveaway ends: 30th March 2016

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