Who would've thought that being locked in a room would be really enjoyable and I would be up for doing it again! Breakout Manchester locked myself and four of my friends in their 'John Monroe's Detective Office' where we had to use our brains to solve puzzles and clues to find out who killed John Monroe and how we could escape. Does it sound fun yet?

I'd walked past the Breakout buildings many of times and heard people say how good it was so I was dying to have a go! If you're ever in Manchester I would definitely recommend this as a place of fun things to do. It's like you're on a TV game show, without the host and cameras filming you - obviously! The John Monroes Detective Office is rated a 3 star on the difficulty level and seeing as this was my first time I'm pretty impressed that we broke out (but if I'm 100% honest I couldn't have done it without the teamwork).

I don't want to give too much away because then that will spoil the fun! What I will say is that almost everything in the room is a clue, unless it's just a plug socket or something, I loved being able to piece everything together to find the story line and eventually escaping! Oh and the intense music playing whilst the TV counts down the hour really adds to the mood. The TV is also used by the 'game host' from Breakout to send you clues, so if you're feeling a bit stuck you can shake and wave  in front of the camera to get some help!

I would love to go again and try out some of the other rooms they have there like Sabotage, Virus and Madchester. There are two Breakout buildings one is near the Town Hall and one is on High Street, so make sure you know which one you have booked!

Thanks to Jess, Alex, Abi and Freya for coming with me! :-)

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