Merumaya Everything Everywhere Oil

Beauty oil is something I've always feared and thought, surely putting oily-products on my face would just cause spots. Nevertheless, I began using Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil and I absolutely love it! This multi -purpose beauty product is a must have for any one who enjoys looking after their skin and body. I have found it really beneficial during the cold winter season...

This product contains Kahai Oil which is claimed to have more benefits than Argan Oil. It absorbs well in my skin so I don't feel like a greasy mess after use. I have been using the product mainly on my eyelashes. Every night before I take off my makeup I put the oil on my lashes and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off using my usual makeup remover. It helps take off waterproof mascara quickly and easily. It also keeps my eyelashes in good condition, I've actually had compliments on how long they are. I really think it's because of the oil! 

I also use it to tame my frizzy hair which is insane in the cold weather, I apply a very small amount on the ends of my hair and top of my head. It states it can also be used on the scalp, by leaving the oil in over night and washing it out in the morning - I am yet to try this out but I definitely will! I also use for an intensive body moisturiser, rather than my day to day products, I mix the product with my usual moisturiser for face and body. I don't do this every day to avoid making my skin too oily. I have also used it on my eyebrows before now to get rid of dry skin and it worked a treat! 

Overall, I will give this product a 10/10 because it has now become an essential in my daily skin care routine! You can find this product in John Lewis online and instore!

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