This month I took part in the Little Black Dress Challenge hosted by Urban Exchange. This is a shopping area in Ancoats, which is just on the outskirts of Manchester City Centre that includes Pure Gym, Aldi, Go Outdoors and a Marks & Spencers Outlet. For this challenge I've took part in some expert personal training sessions, discovered some healthy foods for pre-workout and post-workout and found a little black dress...

For the challange I was given a months membership at Pure Gym to get myself in to shape! This was my first time at the gym so I had a few work-out sessions at the weekend to try out the equipment and set myself some personal goals. I really want to tone up and improve my stamina with some cardio so this is where Jak - the personal trainer - gets involved. He mentioned that many of his clients work with friends, this is a great way to split halves in the cost but also to push yourself to work harder (we can all be competitive without realising). Myself and my friend Jess went to our session where we used the stair climber to warm up, this was a killer on my thighs! We also did different types of squats, kettle bell swings and weights. We both got to college the next day unable to walk! I'm told the more I do it, the easier it will get. Pure Gym is open 24/7, contract-free and has plenty of fun and free classes for you to take part in! If you want any more details you can find their website here.

As part of my healthy eating plan, Jak recommended eating eggs for breakfast. With my money to spend at Aldi, I (obviously) bought some eggs so I can make scrambled eggs, these are great if I want something quick or an omlette and even I can make them! I am a terrible cook....I also switched to wholemeal bread because this is 100% better for your body. I stocked my fridge and fruit bowl up with banana's, blueberries, kiwi's and strawberries - I mixed some to create a smoothie but it also tastes great with low fat greek yoghurt and granola. Yummy yummy yummy!

Lastly, I got this gorgeous dress from Marks & Spencers Outlet using my gift card. I wanted to find a monochrome dress to suit my personal style. The outlet at Urban Exchange is full of bargains and the price reductions are a win! I also found so many goodies for christmas so I will have to make another trip to go back. 

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