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Have you seen my fitness posts that have been up on my blog recently? My passion for health and fitness is growing which makes it easier for me to write about it. Microsoft are currently running a competition for bloggers to share their inner fitness inspiration in a form of a photo for a chance to win some Microsoft goodies worth £1000 using the hashtag #LumiaFitnessInspiration. The competition ends October 30th so that still gives you 24 hours to dig out your photos! Here's why my photo motivates me! 

I'm inspired to keep fit as it makes me feel good. I do it purely for the sake of myself and the happiness it brings. I love finishing a workout with some sweat to prove the hard work and I love the achy muscles and bruises from classes as evidence of 100% effort. This photo was taken after a ravercise class which was completely new to me and I had so much fun! The smile in the picture represents that exercising and keeping fit can be enjoyable and it's what you make of it! We all have different sources of 'fun' and 'excercise'. I usually take hip hop dance classes and work out in the studio or in my own home. I believe that people usually forget than Dancing and fitness classes are a great way to work out! More recently, I have been trying out new things like running and going to the gym, I like to alternate my routine for my own refreshment.

What motivates you to keep fit?

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