Last week I went to The Lowry in Manchester to watch a dance performance by the Rambert Dance Company called Dark Arteries, this is what I wore and this is what I got up to...
I was really excited to attend the press night of Dark Arteries after already hearing about the talent at Rambert, London's contemporary dance company. The funny thing is, on the same day, one of the dancers came and taught a piece in my college - what a coincidence! Contemporary dance is being taught in schools all over the UK so the audience had a variety of different ages with a entertaining vibe! It was a stunning show with a live orchestra, gorgeous costume and exceptional dancers!

The show was split up in to three separate sections: Dark Arteries, The 3 Dancers and Terra Incognita. Dark Arteries is a piece that explores how movement can be changed by the 'heat and force of the score' as said by choreographer, Mark Baldwin. My favourite was The 3 Dancers which is a piece inspired by Picasso's painting. It was minimalistic and structured creatively. The dance choreographed by Didy Veldman includes 2 men and one women and then a further three dancers to act as their shadows.

I absolutely loved watching the performance and I will be back at The Lowry again in November to see the gothic romance 'Sleeping Beauty' by Matthew Bourne! I'm so excited, there is still tickets available which you can buy from here  if you would like to come and see too!

Leather Jacket: Shores // get 10% off with the code 'LaurieElle10'
Blouse: New Look
Jeans: River Island
Boots: Sole Affair

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