I'm back with a new YouTube video and this time is Halloween themed! This is a quick, cute Cat makeup tutorial inspired by the Bratz doll - Jade, this is her spirit animal! Bratz relaunched this summer and they were a big part of my childhood! I love how they encourage young people to 'be who you want to be' and all of their new collections are really inspiring! Oh and their outfits are stunning! If you'd like to enter and watch my tutorial then....

To enter all you have to do is make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube and comment on the video with your favourite motto from the Bratz Girls. Here's a list of their mottos:

Jade: Try everything twice
Cloe: Live. Love. Laugh
Yasmin: "Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes" - Maggie Kuhn
Sasha: Live out loud!
Raya: Carpe that diem

Giveaway ends November 1st! I will contact the winner through YouTube inbox and I will also write it in the video description!

I personally love Jade's motto as I believe you should never do something once and then give up! I think it's amazing that Bratz encourage young girls to be themselves and have fun whilst doing it! I still have all of my Bratz dolls in the attic and I dug them out not too long ago, they're too cute!

Good Luck!
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