If anyone knows me, they will know I love Hello Kitty! Last weekend, I went to the Trafford Centre, where the Hello Kitty Kindness Garden was. It's a cute little event to share the #OneKindThing campaign. I was treated to Hello Kitty Nail Art by celebrity nail artist Sophy Robson, where she used her own Nail-Its and then did some pretty insane nail art. I love them so much! I wish I could do this myself. This was all done in a Hello Kitty-ed out beauty caravan. There was also face painting, temporary tattoos and a selfie shed. I took many pretty photos which you can see below. I even met Hello Kitty herself! :)

If you ever get the chance to catch the Hello Kitty Kindness Garden in your local area, I definetly recommend going. There's so many activities to do, whether it's for yourself or a child. It's also really pretty to take photos of haha! The #OneKindThing campaign encourages young people to do one kind thing to someone else. It makes them aware how powerful kindness is. It's such a lovely campaign and I couldn't agree anymore! 

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