This is my first of many #FitnessFriday posts! I'm going to use Friday's to share some inspiration, motivations, tips and tricks and sporting facts. The first post goes to the Boohoo x This Girl Can campaign an event which I was a part of with many other amazing bloggers. You might have seen my last post here which shows the event throw my eyes. But now the Boohoo Fit page is live (click here to visit) and you can see photos, inspiring Q&A's and a behind the scene video!

I hope the page inspires you and motivates you to keep fit and healthy. For some reason a lot of people think its ugly for girls to sweat, when really its that sexist opinion that's wrong! It is natural for our bodies to sweat and that's what helps us cool down and lose weight! So why hate it? I spend a lot of time in a dance studio working out and being constantly stuck in front of a mirror makes me feel uncomfortable if I don't like what I am wearing. So I love the fact that many companies like Boohoo Fit have gym and sportswear that I like. Feeling good in your clothes really makes a big difference! 

No-one should ever feel judged or not good enough to go to the gym. Everyone starts from somewhere and once you do it for the first time, each time will get easier. That first time is important for you to find out if you like it or not. Whether it's going to the gym, finding a new sport to play or going for a walk there any many options to help us keep fit and healthy.

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