1 //  Mac Prep & Prime Powder - I'm looking for a powder to keep me not-so-shiny. And every time I am on a film set, the makeup artist is always chasing me with one of these. The popularity of the powder is immense so I'm following the crowd and getting one for myself. 

2 // Nars Sheer Glow - Again, this is another product everyone raves about. I absolutely love my Nars Tinted Moisturiser and think that Nars is best for my skin so I can't wait to get my hands on this and give it a try.

3 // Naked Urban Decay Smoky - I. Still. Haven't. Got. My. First. Eye. Palette. Eyeshadow is just not my thing, well I wouldn't know because I have never tried it for myself. But I absolutely love the shades and smoky eye so when I can finally get myself to spend £40 on a tin of eyeshadow, this will be it. 

4 // Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm - If you don't watch NikkieTutorials on YouTube, then you will have no idea why this is on here. But Nikkie is an amazing Makeup Artist that claims this balm makes a good primer because it includes an ingredient that helps the makeup stick. 

5 // Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Gift Box - I AM A SUCKER FOR PRETTY PACKAGING AND THIS IS DEFINITELY PRETTY. This set is exclusive to Selfridges. I've seen the highlighting craze recently and I think the Dreamy Glow Highlighter looks gorgeous! and the Colour of Youth Tint is the perfect shade for me.

6 // Charlotte Tilbury Lip Kit - I love a nude lip as it makes it easy to wear to college and on a day-to-day basic, this combination of lipstick, liner and gloss looks perfect and I need it in my life.

7 // Blosson Scented Lipgloss - This gloss from Urban Outfitters reminds me of something I would've got when I was younger but I think the petals are pretty and I purely want this to Instagram - no shame!

8 // Library Of Fragrance; Rain - I am super intrigued to see what these smell like, they have some crazy and sweet scents that you would never have thought. I love that 'Rain' smell so I want to see if this lives up to it!

9 // Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - This is another product I've seen all over blogs and Youtube. I've never gone out and spent more than £15 on Mascara and I want this to be my first when I do!

10 // Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - I haven't owned that many Mac products in my life. I know, crazy, right? I've seen so many good reviews on this product and I would love to try it out myself.

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