MIF is a festival that takes place in Manchester usually on for around 2 weeks and it represents all of the visual arts, performing arts and popular culture. This year one of the events was the 'High Tea In Wonderland' and I got the chance to go with Boohoo! It was one of the most amazing afternoon tea's in the theme of Alice In The Wonderland. We ran through Manchester Museum with a rabbit (not a real one of course) and then behind the scenes where we had a delicious trip. I ate so many things I never thought I would've ate before! 

We started by running around the Manchester Museum chasing a 'Rabbit' that was claiming we was late. Until, he finally led us in to the 'behind the scenes' of the museum. The room was Tea Party themed; decorated with colourful buntings, pom-poms and vintage wonderland decorations and this was the first mini food's we tried created by the chef, Mary-Ellen McTague. Obviously, the desserts were my favourite which were: ginger cake, rhubarb and custard tart and mini macaroons. On the record tier you can also see we tried Corned Beef and Tomato sandwiches, potted cheese & pickle sandwiches and Potted Mackerel on Rye bread. I don't usually eat meat so this was all new to me!

On the way to the next room where we met 'The Caterpillar' we had to tip some sherbert and birch and truffle flavoured rice paper on to our tongues which 'made us shrink'. The room was decorated in mushrooms and as might have guessed. We was given a drink of mushroom consomme. It was delicious! And served in a tea pot into the most pretty tea cups, which really played with your mind. We also had a delicate slice of malt loaf with truffle powder, I liked that too. I thought it was amazing how the women stayed in character all the way through. After this, we were served macaroons. Which were the oddest things ever!! They looked wonderful with amazing colour and 'bite me' decorated on, I was eager to taste. I soon found out it was a beetroom and liver macaroon. Which is really not my usual food, it wasn't the nicest macaroon I've ever had haha!

The final two rooms were my favourite. We was guided by 'The Mad Hatter' and the strange scientist 'blow torched' our edible grin on the pie. I had the vegetarian option which was cheshire cheese and lots of different vegetables  I HONESTLY COULD EAT THIS ALL THE TIME. I enjoyed it so much! I wanted more once I'd finished. In the last room, there was a creepy vibe as we had a 'garden party' with the 'Queen of Hearts' sat at the end of the table playing her harp. We were encouraged to 'paint' our edible 'flower petals' with strawberry gel - tasted amazing! And then quickly eat our white chocolate playing card and raspberry mousse cake. Before we then eventually got shouted at by the Queen and had to leave.

That was the end of the experience and it was freakin' amazing (I was also really full) !! I've never done something like that before or thought they existed. We were also able to keep the little spoons that had 'Steal Me' engraved on them which was a clever souvenir and a nice touch to the event. I hope I can find more events like this or if you ever get the chance to go to one - please do! I had so much fun. Thanks, Boohoo!

Have you ever attended a food event before?

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