Last week I was invited by the Lowry to watch the Badke dance performance. Dabke is a Palestinian dance and Badke is a twist on that. I had no idea what I was going to expect as I have never seen something like this before but it was incredible. It's really entertaining to watch live performances and I would love to do this more often. 

The performance started on a blacked out stage and the only thing you could hear was the sound of the ten dancers feet, hands and mouth's as they called. I really loved how they created rhythms themselves as well as the music. The style of dance was a mixture of modern dance to hip-hop to traditional dabke, capoeira and circus which was interesting to watch. There was moments of humour, a whole section dedicated to dancing with the butt which made me giggle. The dancers worked in a group, solo's, duo's and trios to express stories and moments that showed the Palestinians wished to 'belong somewhere'. The piece was very energetic and bouncy. Seriously, the stamina on the dancers is insane, I would've died after doing two laps of leaps and skips around the stage but they did it continuously. The cast was excellent and I loved how they performed, their performance skills was one of the things I took note on as this is something I need to improve personally. 

Overall, I really enjoyed going. It was something different to a cinema and I have a big interest in dance too. I love how the crowd engaged in the performance by cheering, clapping, singing - it made it that extra bit special. You can find out about more performances at The Lowry by clicking here

Have you ever been to see a dance performance before? If so, which one?

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