So if any of my readers have been watching these two ITV dramas then you probably would've seen me without realising! This time last year I filmed on Home Fires and Safe House as an extra and walk-on after joining Boss Casting and they've finally aired on TV! I'm spotted dancing on Home Fires, picking berries and chilling on a bus in Safe House :)

I really enjoyed filming especially when I have an interest in media, the camera, the editing, the acting - everything! I also never watch British TV Shows, and these made me realise they are actually not that bad! I really like getting my hair done and wearing costumes (who doesn't?) - I'm growing an obsession with period dramas, they're so much fun! I don't want to be an actress when I'm older (unless I some how get in to it then I won't complain) but I love anything to do with the performing arts and media!

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