I love food! Who doesn't? I have a list of restaurants and cafe's that I am dying to try out with my friends and family. So I am going to start sharing my food faves with you. Starting off with this post. I guess these are miniature food reviews...

1 // Alpro Dark Chocolate Almond Milk - Thanks to my dad I am obsessed with this milk - and it is a  healthier alternative to Milkshake. It's full of plant goodness, vitamins and low in fat. I really want to try out more from Alpro!

2 // Fig & Sparrow  - This is a cafe in Manchester in the NQ. The coffee tastes amazing, to the point where I tried a black coffee and completely loved it! On problem I do have is that the cups are tiny - but they taste amazing so it's a win win.

3 // Snog Frozen Yoghurt - I actually went to the Snog frozen yoghurt cafe in London at Covent Gardens and it was amazing. You can pick out of lots of yummy toppings. I found these pots in my local supermarket and it was deliciously sweet and ah!

4 // Chupa Chups Fruit Airheads* - I was kindly sent these and they are now kept in my desk draw so when I am revising or working or writing a blog post (kind of like now) I can just snack on them. They have lots of flavours: apple, blueberry, strawberry, orange and lemon. The blueberry one is my personal favourite with apple and strawberry behind! Tallia Storm is the face of the Airheads campaign and a behind-the-scenes video has been posted, click here if you would like to watch it!

Do you recommend any restaurants/cafes in Manchester/London?

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