I haven't done a haul on my blog for months, maybe years! Here is haul full of accessories I recieved from Lyla Loves - super cute! 

Lyla Loves is one of my favourite places to buy jewellery and accessories at the moment. The store has everything and they're beautiful pieces that are really good prices! You would have seen them mentioned on my blog before and since then I have kindly been given some more pieces!! My ring collection is slowly growing and I love it! They have some gorgeous layered, bohemian style necklaces at the moment. Definitely going to get them for summer! I really love the bohemian, 70's trend at the moment!
1 // Lyla Loves Signature Necklace - I got this with my package aw!!
2 // Multi-Coloured Phone Case - £3
3 // Gold Assorted Design Rings - £3   // for them all!

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