If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would know I am a lover of lists and I keep losts of journals. A recent journal I decided to start at the beginning of this year was to write down something that made me happy or something I have achieved every month. So far I have done 3 lists for January, February and March; I am going to share them from my journal to my blog.
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❤ I won a Shellys London competition and recieved a new pair of skater shoes!
❤ I discovered and joined Artemis Network (find a blog post here)
❤ I was invited to my first bloggers event
❤ Reached 500 Subscribers on YouTube
❤ I finished Gossip Girl! (Yep, I was happy about this!)
❤ It snowed and college closed. Snow Day!
❤ I worked with some amazing companys such as: Daniel Wellington, Lyla Loves, NuSound Acoustics, Dauphines of NY, Nanshy (I have linked all of my reviews)
❤ Quiz Clothing Blogger Event
❤ I started the Vampire Diaries (I watched it all in a month - I love it!)
❤ I went to London for a dance workshop with Frenemies X Kinjaz
❤ Madonna was yanked off stage
❤ I had my college dance show and exam
❤ I worked with Hotmess Clothing and I've loved and been following their clothing for years!
❤ Kaelynn Harris Workshop!
❤ My dad turned 39 - getting old!
❤ I was model scouted on Instagram - what!
❤ I was an extra on a German TV Show
❤ I worked with some more amazing companys such as: Bag Envy, Batako, Claireabella
❤ I recorded my first self tape with one word "Dad" - this forever makes me laugh
❤ I took a workshop with Ushers Dancers and got selected!
❤ I was shortlisted for the ITV Work Experience
❤ My brother, Remi, walked on with the players at the Manchester Giants Basketball Game
❤ I've been selected to work on a new ITV 1940's TV show!
❤ I recieved some funding so I can go back to London for my dance training!

The past three months have been pretty amazing! I love looking back on what I have done so I think these posts might be a regular thing. It's also nice to share what I've been up to as I sometimes feel like I can't share the things that I'm happy about to people I know in real life. I remember for a long time in high school I stopped sharing the things that made me happy because I would get called 'big headed' or 'bragging'. But I've now realised that it was not the case of me bragging but my 'friends' were just jealous and couldn't embrace each others happiness! I think everyone should celebrate their achievements and tell each other about them! We should be happy for each other!

What has been the highlight of your year so far?

laurie-elle x
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