I love the Baziic Collection at Hot!MeSS Clothing and this outfit has definately been one of my favourites this month. I've been obsessing over their collections for a long time on Instagram and when they contacted me to join their Selfiliate programme, I couldn't have been happier! This is what I got...

This two piece is my favourite to wear for college, it is casual, comfy and looks amazing! The crop top is long sleeved and a slight polo neck and the leggings are high waisted. I got mine in the size XS/S, because I am 5'3 and they fit perfectly!  And guess what, THE LEGGINGS AREN'T SEE THROUGH! There is nothing worst than seeing someones knickers through their leggings... please just get some Baziic leggings to sort out that problem. 

Trainers // Nike Eric Kostons

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