This fabulous headband - with three strands: black leather, silver clear crystals and gunmetal chain - from Dauphines Of New York in Sephora and is called Front Row Darling (how classy) has become another one of my favourite accesories. It matches perfectly with my Daniel Wellington watch and Star Necklace from Lyla Loves, I've been wearing silver a lot more recently.The adjustable headband can create multiple looks The photo above shows my favourite way to wear it. When I'm rushing in the morning before college I love easily shoving it as not only is it pretty, it makes it seem that I have put more effort in to my look than I have. It also makes me feel a step closer to Blair Waldorf as Dauphines Of New York created the headbands for Gossip Girl in the last season - (not going to lie) I screamed when I found out! 

On the Sephora website, the suggested usage is: 
Create a quick and elegant updo: 
-Start one inch from the natural hairline, adjust elastic band to tighten and secure. 
-Take a one inch portion of hair at left or right. Separate and twist, and then tuck into the elastic band. 
-Repeat at the other side of hair. This will leave hair tucked in at both left and right side, creating an elegant look. 
-Take all loose hair, grip the hair tightly, and then twist. Once hair is held in a twist, tuck the hair up into the elastic band. 
-Continue to roll the hair into the band. Roll tightly for a pristine and polished look, or loosely tuck the hair into the band for a laid-back effect. 

Wear your headband in classic fashion: 
-Drop your new headband over your head, then pull down towards the neck. 
-Pull your headband up. As you pull the headband up, you will simultaneously pull your hair out of your face. 

Wear your headband across the forehead: 
-Drape headband over head and place horizontally across the forehead. 
-Tighten the elastic band at back. Straighten three chains so they are aligned, or select to twist the multiple chains for an edgy look. 

Wear your headband as a necklace: 
-Elongate the elastic band and drape over neck. Then shorten the elastic band at back.

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