I thought I'd share with you my favourite magazine ever! Even though there has been a lot of debate recently of magazines slowly fading away in to the internet and app world, I still look a good magazine to hold and collect. Every fashion-season, this wonderful magazine hits the shelves and I can't help but race to get it. I didn't want to photograph the inside too much because then that would be spoiling it! Instead I've shown the cover, contents and the creative stickers that they make with every magazine! A/W14 has designer foods, SS15 has Fashionimals - amazing! I'm still looking for somewhere to put them, I'm really indecisive with things like this, don't judge me!

On a scale from 1-10 I would rate this magazine a 1984657309. Does that represent how much I love it? I love how it is informative, yet entertaining. Obviously, this is my own personal opinion, but all the content inside is interesting. I normally miss some pages out of magazines because some articles aren't for me but I read every single page of Elle Collections. The interviews are always inspiring and motivational! The layout of the magazine is fun and fashion-y! I really couldn't find a fault with it and it's one thing I look forward to, even if it's only out twice a year! It is definitely worth the whopping £7!

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