In the past, I'd walk past a group of people and forget how to walk or if I was sitting anywhere but the back of class, it was uncomfortable because I hate people sitting behind me. All of these confidence issues stopped me from being happy. I decided to change it and these are the things I have noticed helped me be a happier person. It's not big headed or over-confident to love yourself. In fact, everyone should love themselves, it shouldn't be a snide remark or insult, it should be part of normality! I also realised I compared myself to every other person out there "Oh she's got a better camera than me, that's why her blog is better" "Kylie Jenner has nicer hair than me" "If I looked like that I could be like that" you get my drift... I'm so glad I stopped doing this and realised I can't change the way I look but I can work hard to get the things I want i.e that really cool camera I'm saving up for haha. I also used to be friends with people who constantly tried to put me down and when I spoke about something interesting I did, I didn't get a response. I shouldn't be afraid to tell one of my closest friends that I got a job or I went on holiday because they thought I was boasting. So them friendships stopped - yay! These aren't hard tips but they're ones that people forget about! Hopefully these will help!

I'm thinking of making a list series on my blog because I write a lot! Let me know what you think! Don't forget I have a giveaway running and it ends this weekend! Check out my last post to enter.
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