I took on the Magnitone Lucid Daily Cleansing & Exfoliating Brush 7 day challenge, and I am so happy that I did! During the Winter my skin is always dull and dry, every year it is such a pain. But since I used the brush, I haven't come across any problems with my skin, I have no dry patches or red blotches.

At first, I was worried about using the brush as my skin can sometimes be sensitive and I didn't want it to react. However the outcome was perfect, I even went a day without makeup and I left the house! I honestly cant remember the last time I went out of the house without makeup. My skin looks a lot healthier and brighter since I started using the brush I will definitely continue to use - it has been my lifesaver.

The box comes includes the brush, wireless travel charger, full usage instructions, 12 month warranty card and a head band which I use all the time with the brush and applying makeup - why have I never used one before? I use it on the 'Sensitive' mode and found its great to use with my Garnier Pore Wash. I've always wanted a cleansing brush as they are far more better for skin than your hands when doing your daily cleanse. The 10,000 pulsed vibrations successfully clear any dirt and clean out your pores. Another thing I love is the timer that it comes with. After 20 seconds there is a beep which tells you to move on to the next place, they recommend to use it on your head for 20 seconds, both cheeks for 20 seconds and then your nose and chin for the remaining 20 seconds. I have been following this as it suites me very well but if there is a time where I feel like I need to do it for longer, I will do so.

On a scale from 1-10 I would rate this brush as a 10, because there are no negatives from using it :) You can find them at // // and you can buy your own brush from LookFantastic it is only £49.99, which is great as in other places they're usually £69.99.

Have you ever used a cleansing/exfoliating brush before or considered trying one?

I am going to do my skincare routine over on my YouTube channel and will show how I use the Magnitone Brush. Click here to subscribe so you're notified when I post it!

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