Tights: Asos // £8 
Boots: Sole Affair // £24.95

I'm ending blogmas here, because Christmas is over, booo! I hope everyone had a lovely day! I'm still going to keep up the posting though, it's starting to feel more like a hobbie than something I have to do again - yay!

I called this post 'Somewhat Preppy' because I am the least preppy girl, if that makes sense, but somehow bought an outfit that screams preppy school girl and I love it. Except the outfit contains some pretty cheap pieces for a preppy school girl on a budget! I've been watching Gossip Girl a lot lately and I think the style is merging in to my brains then I have to remind myself that I don't live on the Upper East Side. But I guess I can wear what the hell I want. I do feel a headband away from being Blair Waldorf though. Weirdly enough, I've always loved headbands and my collection is growing again thanks to Gossip Girl. Ooops. I can get stylespiration from anything, I think it's really fun. Maybe, it could be a new series on my blog.

I love this dress, the quality is absolutely amazing. It feels really expensive, which it clearly isn't and it's only from New Look! I also love the peterpan collar and bow. The only annoying thing is that the cotton creases really easily - but I will get through it! These tights are a new obsession of mine, I'm thinking of starting a collection of tights that look like knee high socks and the boots are cheap & chic, I did a blog post on them, you can click here to read it! 

Who would you love to style-steal from? Let me know in the comments!

laurie-elle x

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