This morning the postman (well, I had to get it off my neighbors because I wasn't in) dropped off this amazing calendar from the people at Instagram. Getting post from Instagram is always an exciting thing, especially when it arrives all the way from California! At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to be put on the 'Suggested Users' page on Instagram, I found out after I recieved an InstaDM from Instagram themselves in German... to which my reply was "I dont know what this says, I'm English! but thank you for following me and putting me on the suggested users page!" I also found out after 14,000 followers, thousands of likes and comments started flooding through my notifications. It honestly was so exciting finishing school and screaming "Hey, look, another 1000 followers!". I am a BIGGGGGG user of Instagram, I love taking photographs and having a minimalisic theme so being in the loop of the mega app is exciting! This has probably been one of the highlights of my year! Now I can start next year with a cute photo of a dog in a party hat, sunglasses, bow tie and beads. If you're not following me already, I am over at

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