1 // Merry Pugmas Christmas T-Shirt - It's not a jumper but.. I love Pugs! I want a Pug! But a Christmas T-Shirt is the closest I'll ever get to one!

2 // Fairisle Jumper with Collar - I've never seen a christmas jumper with a collar before, this is so cute!

3 // Elf Slogan T - This isn't a jumper either, but the amount of T-Shirt's I have seen is unreal! Elf has been my favourite Christmas film since I was little, I could quote it from start to end

4 // Elizabeth All Over Patterned Jumper - Monochrome? Yes please.

5 // Snowflake Boxy Sweater - Ahh, sequins!

The tackier the Christmas Jumper, the better! I've never owned a Christmas Jumper before, if you get them, let me know in the comments when you wear them because I couldn't imagine wearing one on a day-to-day basis!
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