Today is my mums birthday so I thought I'd do a blog post and pull out some old piccies. Honestly, when I think about it my mum is one of my biggest inspirations and supporters! As well as feeling like a friend more than a mum because I literally tell her everything, gossip, rumours, the lot. She probably knows more about people from school and college than their parents know themselves. She was only 18 years old when she had me, and it still amazes me! I think she's raised a pretty cool child, and my brother... kidding, he's cool too. My life is pretty amazing and none of it would be like this without my parents! She even started her own business called 'Createam' if you'd like to check that out. Thank you for paying for all my dance classes, buying me stuff just to take a picture of because you "thought it'd look cool on Instagram and even though we argue sometimes, we get over it pretty quickly. Love you lots, Happy 35th Birthday! Oh and I know my mum checks my blog everyday so she's going to see this at some point..

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