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I asked my Instagram followers to ask me any questions they'd like me to answer, this is what I got! I thought it'd be a nice, quick thing for me to do for you guys to get to know me a bit more!

How long does it take to curl your hair? Not that long, most days it takes me around 15 minutes so I've started to do it more recently because its so quick

How do you keep your curls? Hairspray! I change what brand I use all the time. At the moment it is the

Wheres your favourite place to shop? This is another thing that changes all the time, depending on what the shop is selling. But I am in LOVE with Zara, I want everything! River Island is another favourite too

Can you post a video of you dancing? I guess I could... I always get really shy about it! But I'll try and post a video on Friday when I am in the studio

How do you come up with blog post ideas? I usually get inspiration from Magazines, Pinterest, Tumblr, Trends and anything I can think of at that time. Like if I bought some new clothes or makeup

Where would you get dresses for formals/proms? I would probably look on Asos, I got my prom dress from Jones & Jones they are really cute and not too expensive!

What's your ethnicity? I always get asked this! I'm fully English. White British. Not mixed, unfortunately haha!

Have you got a boyfriend?  I do not!

How tall are you? 5ft3in which is around 160cm. I wish I was taller *sigh*

Where do you get inspiration from for clothes and makeup? Usually bloggers and magazines. Definitely, Instagram! If someone posts an outfit of the day on Instagram that I love - I need to know what store it is from instantly! I also get inspiration from TV programmes. I'm in love with the outfits on Gossip Girl. I am constantly finding clothes, makeup and headbands like Blair Waldorf ahhh!

How do you style your hair? I used to have a fringe and it's at an awkward length of growing it out so at the moment all I can do is middle part it and then leave it. I've started to curl it recently though to add more volume. The longer it gets, the thinner it looks!

Do you have YouTube? I do! You can click here to go on it. However, I privated my videos because I was unsure whether I liked them and I get really embarassed arghghrf! Help!

If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Probably, Los Angeles!! But I'd miss the cold, wintery weather at Christmas!

What are your favourite TV Programmes? I HAVE SO MANY! GET READY: American Horror Story (Tate/Evan Peters/I have no words!), Greys Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge (I want a Nolan), Scandal, Hawaii 5-0, Dance Moms, Gossip Girl, Americas Next Top Model, Kardashians. I used to say I don't watch TV, then I realised I just watch it online instead...

Favourite singers? I have too many to think, but Beyonce, Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, The Weeknd, Ashanti, Ja-Rule, Aaliyah... are ultimate faves

Comment below and let me know what your favourite TV show is and if you watch any that I do (I love finding people that watch the same shows haha!)
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