Instagram has become a big obsession of mine, I love taking photos so it is perfect! I make sure my iPhone is in my hand all the time so I'm ready for an photo-worthy opportunity! Sometimes my mum comes home with things stating "this would be perfect for Instagram". I recently got featured by Instagram on the 'suggested users' page which was really cool and I got over 14,000 followers in a week - ah! They also sent me a book about the Instagram community to say thank you - which is pretty awesome! I decided to do a post with a few tips I have for Instagram.

My instagram is @LaurieElle or
  • Having a 'theme' - not everyone on Instagram has a theme but I always find that accounts with themes are the ones I am most drawn to. Basically, having a theme is when all your photos are somewhat similar, whether that's using the same effect, having a white background, everything being black and white - it's completely up to you!
  • A key to a good photo is good lighting - it makes your photo quality 100x better, I usually use the natural sunlight
  • No pixelated photos, you want them to be clear and clean
  • Be unique, don't copy everyone's photos or the usual Starbucks cup (which I admit I do take photos of, how could you not?) but also try to add something different to your account - it'll make your account more interesting than others
  • Pose, stage, fake your photos. If you're a photography account like mine - your photos don't have to be real! I'm sure I've refilled empty bottles before, or took a photo of my mums food not mine, or rearranged my stuff to fit my photo. As long as the photo looks good, it's fine. I could be walking down the street and see something I like then BAM it's on my Instagram! I've also created a second account where I post personal photos like with friends, bad lighting.. you get my drift.
  • Last and not least, post photos that you like and what makes you happy. Once I hit a fair amount of followers I started to feel like I had to post what others wanted and if a picture didn't get as much likes as others - I deleted it. Which I think is totally wrong, I now post whatever I like as after all that's how it started... If I like it, I'll post it :)
Apps I recommend: VSCO CAM, InstaCollage, Squaready, Phonto

Here are some of my favourite instagrammers/bloggers that are a good example and could give you some inspiration:

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