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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... for the existence of this shampoo! I am growing my hair as long as I can until I decide to get a big trim. Which means I've been suffering with long-hair blues. Frizzy ends, knotty and a lot of it falling out! Since I have started using this shampoo I have noticed my hair looks healthy, shiny and the frizzy ends (which I thought was caused by the fact that I must need a haircut) have gone! I'm really impressed! Although, I will miss the bubblegum Aussie scent, this one doesn't smell too bad and is so much better for my hair! They are also only £1.93 each from Superdrug!
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  1. They sound fab!

  2. I'm loving Garnier Blends right now! I have the coconut one and argan oil one and they're both fab, this sounds fantastic too x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. oo this sounds great! I had my long hair chopped right up to my shoulders today (had to be done-it was in terrible condition! ) so I definitely know what you mean by the long-hair blues, may just have to pick this shampoo up as I'd like for my hair to stay this healthy as it grows back!

    L xo


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