I sit with delight - looking at the gorgeous, luxurious, high end designer clothes clearly knowing I can not afford their price tags. I mean, a £1245.52 bag? Yep, I can't afford that.

Though hopefully, I am not the only one that can search for hours adding clothes to my wishlist just for the joy? I have come up with a couple of items I'd kill to have fitted to my body - it was somewhat fun making this post and dreaming of having ALL of these clothes. You should try it! It's a challenge to only pick 10 items!

Hopefully, one day I'll have the job and money in my pocket to be buying this for my own! So many things are weird and strange which makes me want them even more. How cute is the bear purse? And those Boots had me mind blown as they look like socks - aw!

1 // Charlotte Olympia 'Dial Pandora Clutch' - £1,361.02
2 // Kenzo Cropped Shirt - £250.87
3 // Alexander Wang Large 'Chastity' tote - £880.26
4 // Givency Dotted HiTop Trainer - £510.40
5 // Loewe 'Bear' Purse - £210.63
6 // Kenzo Floral Blouse Dress - £537.22
7 // Proenza Schouler 'PS Courier' backpack - £1346.52
8 // Kenzo Sweat Jacket - £327.87
9 // Sophie Webster 'Sadie' Boot - £588.26
10 // Jimmy Choo 'Vertigo' Slingback Pumps - £514.73

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