After fantasizing over many celebrities (particularly the Kardashians/Jenners) and their perfect contouring. I decided to go out and buy a contour kit, someone recommended this little kit to me on the Bloggers Chat. At only £6.49, there was nothing I could really lose! I just wanted something cheap and simple so I can practice before I go on to the big stuff! 

The kit comes in three different shades - Light, Medium and Dark - I obviously got the the Light shade as I am as pale as a corpse! I really like the packaging and its quite small and thin so I can just slip it in to my makeup bag.

The product itself is good too! Both bronzer/powder and highlighter are really easy to apply and blend, the colour is great and pigmented. It doesn't look cheap or nasty on your face either.It even comes with a booklet to show how to apply and where to apply too!

I haven't got any negatives about this product and recommend if you're a beginner at contouring and just trying it out - get this! 

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