For months,I have been looking for the best eyeliner to use - I am not the greatest at doing my liner so I have been looking for something that's easy to use. Eventually after many trial and errors i found exactly what I'd been looking for ... I purchased the L'oreal Superliner and I am in love!

The shade I bought was the 'Black Crystals' I didn't actually know there was going to be little shimmers. However, it has not spoilt the product for me - the shimmers are so tiny that it gives a lovely effect that suitable for every day use as well as for glamming up on night outs.

The things I love the most about the L'oreal Superliner is that it is so easy to apply. I am still getting the hang of applying the perfect wing. Nevertheless, the liquid liner is the easiest I have used by far. I can create different shapes with the sponge tipped pen, it is neat and creates a precise line. The application is long-lasting and easy to remove. I don't look like a crazy panda!

You can purchase this eyeliner from Superdrug  for £6.49 (the price isn't bad either!).
Do you have any tips when applying eyeliner?
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