After taking a peek at the Spring Trends of 2014, I saw a frequent trend of winged eyeliner, natural makeup, orange lipstick and pastel colours. So without further ado, I created a little makeup wish list that I hope to have for the Spring!

1) Urban Decay Basics Pallete - £20 // I usually never wear eye shadow, simply because I have school and I also need a little more practice! I extremely want the Basic pallete as I'm really loving the neutral colours!

2) L'oreal Superliner - £6.99 // 138559 eye liners later: I have heard so much good stuff about this eyeliner and apparently Kylie Jenner uses this eyeliner (SHES MY STYLESPIRATION) so hopefully, this eyeliner will be much better than the others I have tried!

3) Topshop Nails in Keen - £5 // I actually already have this polish from last summer but it's empty now. It's a beautiful colour and I saw a lot of pastel blue in the Fashion Weekend photos! 

4) Topshop Slant Eyeshadow Brush - £4 // Probably should buy a new starter brush If I am going to get better at my eyeshadow!

5) Kohl in Coal - £4// I've heard a lot of good things about this! 

6) Topshop Gloss Ink in Relentless - 8 // I came across these Gloss Ink's in Fleur De Force's latest YouTube and thought they looked gorgeous! This colour is on the orange side which I thought would go with the Spring Trends!

7) Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - £9.99 // Simply, because I am in need of a new foundation brush and I have heard amazing reviews on this brush!

8) Rimmel Eyeshadow in Azure - £4 // Again, I saw this colour on the Fashion Weekend catwalks - it looked beautiful!

9) Mac Liquid Foundation - £21.50 // Love their powder foundation - would love to try the liquid foundation!

10) Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer - £10 // Never actually owned a concealer before but this really appealed to me after seeing it in plenty of YouTube videos and blog posts! I love how it comes with transparent powder, spot concealer and under eye concealer AND ONLY £10! Seeing as my skin isn't that bad - yet. I would love a little pot like this to use when I can, as a big amount of concealer probably wouldn't be used much. 

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