This month has been perfect, I had an amazing christmas with my family at home and got some presents which I absolutely love and am very thankful for. I also bought a couple of things this month. I decided to do a blog post to share with you what I got for christmas (not including clothing) and some little bits I bought with my money. I am doing this because it was requested I am no way bragging - I am really thankful for everything.

I have done a quick photo post and caption to share with you guys, I wanted to go in to detail but it would of been an EXTRA LONG post - so I will do individuals in the future!

Stocking Fillers //
 Babylips in Hydrate, Dolly Mix Sweets, Mango hand cleanse gel from The Body Shop (the closest to Bath&BodyWorks in the UK), Bath set,
Rings from River Island (they just make every outfit!)

Photo Album, 2014 Organiser from Next, The Teen Vogue Hand Book (so good I love it!) and a Journal
Pure Radiance Yankee Candle in Mandarin (this scent is WOW!)
A new Casio Gold Watch, I love it so much! 
Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Bathset, I adore this scent! I prefer it way more than the Hollister sprays!
Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture 
My favourite albums of the YEAR - I also got Beyonce Concert Tickets - I have never been so happy in my life!
With money from My Grandma I bought a new Mac Blush in Desert Rose - Thank you :)

Lastly, my dads friend got me this super cute bag. I've wanted one of these for ages since I saw them I am so happy :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year (depending on when your reading this). Thank you to my mum and dad for all my amazing presents! 
If you have any requests for me to any reviews on any of these things, feel free to comment below!
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  1. The candle sounds absolutely beautiful. Happy new year!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. It smells just as beautiful! You too!

  2. I love the bag that you got! I've also wanted one of those!! Love the baby lips products at the moment x


  3. You got gorgeous stuff. I love the journal you received, so cute! Also major envious of that beautiful Casio watch!xx

    Thank you for your link in the #bbloggers chat,
    Celine from Vintage Teapot

  4. Lovely haul!! Those perfumes look great :)
    xx Ali

  5. ooh that Teen Vogue book looks right good!!i used to love teen vogue!i am i still allowed to read it even tho I'm not a teenager anymore??hehe!:)xx

    1. I love it, the books in Urban Outfitters are amazing! Of course! haha xx

  6. Lovely post, where can you get the Teen Vogue book? Xx

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