♥ Left to Right: 1) Me, Molly & Megan took a trip to town and got some cupcakes and milkshakes - the flavours were unbelievable - trust me!   2) Autumn Leaves spirit  ♥ 3) My little edit for Halloween ♥ 4) The weather has started to get droopier and drowsier, me and Remi walked through a hugeee puddle ♥ 5) Manchester Christmas Light Switch - A fun night with friends ♥ 6) My little post board, full of reminders and quotes ♥ 7) Chilling out with a magazine, hot chocolate and fashion muller corner (yummy!) ♥ 8) Got stuck in Tamworth! Train tracks broke and ended up with a two-hour train delay to London, Yikes!  9) This little cute house in London, I want it! 

Just wanted to let you guys know that the past two weeks or so, I've been revising like crazy for Mock exams, which ended today! Yay! Hopefully, should be posting frequently now. Balancing school and blogging is such a struggle.

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