This is usually the 'MY FIRST BLOG POST' but seeing as my first blog post didn't start this way and I have never done anything about myself. I thought - why not now? It's just a quick, requested blog post so readers can get to know about me, I guess? I also have answered some questions from people on Instagram so look out for your username :)

*que the omg i have now forgotten everything about myself*

1) I am from the UK! (I have been asked so many times where I am from, I thought people knew!)
2) I love dancing, writing, blogging, editing, taking photos
3) I want to be a dancer
4) Love writing lists! Not sure why but I have notebooks and my notes on my iPhone is crazy!
5) Everything Hello Kitty should be mine! I love Hello Kitty!
6) Bubble Tea/ Boba Tea is one of my favourites,
7) I prefer Chocolate more than Sweets, but Jelly Belly Beans... I LOVE THEM!
8) I love Shopping.
9) Topshop, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Asos - ultimate fave shops! (@erinb2112)
11) I used to be insanely shy, now I just like to be quiet.
12) I am really weird and crazy though if I get comfortable, its scary
13) I say the word 'Pineapple' too many times. It stops me from sneezing!
14) Drake, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Jay Z - I LOVE THEM.
15) I prefer male singers
16) Say I dont wear a pair of my trainers for a long time, I feel bad so I wear them just because I feel bad
17) I think people don't talk to me first because I'm quiet and they think I don't want them to, BUT I DO!
19) Slightly addicted to having 'Theme' I think it looks nicer and neater
20) I get really annoyed because I look younger than what I am
21) Pretty Little Liars is my life, I sometimes forget it is just a TV Programme
22) I love reading
23) The Lying Game and Fault in Our Stars are my favourite books at the moment
24) I wish I looked like Kylie Jenner and had her clothes, but who doesnt
25) I complain I want long hair but at the moment it is extremely annoying
26) WAITING - I hate it so much
27) I hate sponges, the feel goes through me so much I almost throw up
28) I want to start making YouTube videos but I am nervous
29) I always love clothes online but when I go in the shop, they look horrible!
30) I am extremely scared about my future
31) Yoghurts are so yummy, I could eat them all day
32) I also like Pasta, Pizza, Bread and Dumplings... mmmm
33) I love everything monochrome
34) My little brother is the funniest person ever I love him
35) I use VSCO Cam (@charlottecheal)
37) If I could get away with anything in the world I would take the drug that Channing Tatum did on 21 Jump Street it looks fun (@emmaobemeata)
38)I USED TO BE THE BIGGEST BELIEBER EVER, I cringe at my 11 year old self on Twitter.
39)My biggest wish for the future is that I live doing the job I love and have fun doing, im scared (hannahbeatrice)
40)I have only been out of England twice, and both times was to Germany (@kikouzz)
41) Once I laugh I can't stop, but I really enjoy laughing :D
42) I cant stand school, I cant wait to leave just because my school is so bad
43) I go to London a lot of the weekends to dance
44) I always try hard to buy things no one else has, I hate having something the same as someone
45) I love looking at my tumblr
46) My nickname is Moody Margaret at home
47) Cracking my neck is the best feeling ever
48) I can do a thing with my arms that none of my friends can do, its not that weird, but I cant really show you on here
49) I always forget to drink and it makes me ill woops
50) I'm trying to be really positive because I keep being moody and negative

If you read up to here, then wow thanks, because that was really difficult to think of :)
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  1. Haha, these were so great to read! Sometimes I think it'd do me some good to be the person who is quiet, at least then you won't end up saying something that'll make you look silly! You should totally try making YouTube videos! It's a lot of fun and might really open you up more and doing tag videos usually puts a smile on my face so I'm sure it will for you too! :D

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. Being quiet can be a problem sometimes too :) and I think I'm going to start soon, hopefully :) x

  2. Reading them its kind of freaking how much we have the same. Like I'm really shy but when I'm around friends I'm completely crazy :P xx


    1. Hehe, me too! And then when the people who think I'm shy see me crazy they really do think I'm crazy :'D

  3. I think Looking younger than what u r is a great thing!! at least it is better than looking older than what u t... haha anyway u r really gorgous!! oh n dont be nervous on making youtube videos. ull do great!!!

    1. oops srry wrong word up there..i meant what u r not what u t..hope u understand!!lol


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