This is usually the 'MY FIRST BLOG POST' but seeing as my first blog post didn't start this way and I have never done anything about myself. I thought - why not now? It's just a quick, requested blog post so readers can get to know about me, I guess? I also have answered some questions from people on Instagram so look out for your username :)

*que the omg i have now forgotten everything about myself*

1) I am from the UK! (I have been asked so many times where I am from, I thought people knew!)
2) I love dancing, writing, blogging, editing, taking photos
3) I want to be a dancer
4) Love writing lists! Not sure why but I have notebooks and my notes on my iPhone is crazy!
5) Everything Hello Kitty should be mine! I love Hello Kitty!
6) Bubble Tea/ Boba Tea is one of my favourites,
7) I prefer Chocolate more than Sweets, but Jelly Belly Beans... I LOVE THEM!
8) I love Shopping.
9) Topshop, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Asos - ultimate fave shops! (@erinb2112)
11) I used to be insanely shy, now I just like to be quiet.
12) I am really weird and crazy though if I get comfortable, its scary
13) I say the word 'Pineapple' too many times. It stops me from sneezing!
14) Drake, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Jay Z - I LOVE THEM.
15) I prefer male singers
16) Say I dont wear a pair of my trainers for a long time, I feel bad so I wear them just because I feel bad
17) I think people don't talk to me first because I'm quiet and they think I don't want them to, BUT I DO!
19) Slightly addicted to having 'Theme' I think it looks nicer and neater
20) I get really annoyed because I look younger than what I am
21) Pretty Little Liars is my life, I sometimes forget it is just a TV Programme
22) I love reading
23) The Lying Game and Fault in Our Stars are my favourite books at the moment
24) I wish I looked like Kylie Jenner and had her clothes, but who doesnt
25) I complain I want long hair but at the moment it is extremely annoying
26) WAITING - I hate it so much
27) I hate sponges, the feel goes through me so much I almost throw up
28) I want to start making YouTube videos but I am nervous
29) I always love clothes online but when I go in the shop, they look horrible!
30) I am extremely scared about my future
31) Yoghurts are so yummy, I could eat them all day
32) I also like Pasta, Pizza, Bread and Dumplings... mmmm
33) I love everything monochrome
34) My little brother is the funniest person ever I love him
35) I use VSCO Cam (@charlottecheal)
37) If I could get away with anything in the world I would take the drug that Channing Tatum did on 21 Jump Street it looks fun (@emmaobemeata)
38)I USED TO BE THE BIGGEST BELIEBER EVER, I cringe at my 11 year old self on Twitter.
39)My biggest wish for the future is that I live doing the job I love and have fun doing, im scared (hannahbeatrice)
40)I have only been out of England twice, and both times was to Germany (@kikouzz)
41) Once I laugh I can't stop, but I really enjoy laughing :D
42) I cant stand school, I cant wait to leave just because my school is so bad
43) I go to London a lot of the weekends to dance
44) I always try hard to buy things no one else has, I hate having something the same as someone
45) I love looking at my tumblr
46) My nickname is Moody Margaret at home
47) Cracking my neck is the best feeling ever
48) I can do a thing with my arms that none of my friends can do, its not that weird, but I cant really show you on here
49) I always forget to drink and it makes me ill woops
50) I'm trying to be really positive because I keep being moody and negative

If you read up to here, then wow thanks, because that was really difficult to think of :)
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