I received these two amazing bracelets - that I am totally in love with - from Poco Loco online store. 

The handmade Friendship Bracelet, in bright vibrant colours is only $6/£3.85 and their is a range of all different colours for your liking. The black moustache bracelet is only $3.90/£2.50. The prices of the bracelets are outstanding and the bracelets are a great quality and look great!

The Dusty Pink sells a range of accessories including bracelets, necklaces and hair clips! Their jewellery is divided in to Braided, Gold + Quartz, Pyrite and Daisies. It is definately worth a look and buy! 

You can find The Dusty Pink at their website www.shoppocoloco.weebly.com

They just reached 1,000 followers on Instagram and their is a discount code for everyone to recieve 10% off all orders "INSTA1000" Check out their instagram for more photos and discounts! 

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