Sorry that I haven't posted in almost two weeks but from the 19th August, I have been in Germany for 10 days! I went to Germany to go to Urban Dance Camp again, after doing last year for 4 days, I had to come back this year for 4 more extra days! Coming home is horrible, I really wish it was an everyday thing not just for summer! I've added some pictures below if you'd like to look at what I did :)

I have learnt so much in just 8 days from so many different teachers from around the world and being able to take class with people from so many different countries is amazing! The vibe in class is so different to any other classes I have taken before! Here is the timetable from the 8 days:

Although I danced for 8 days out of the 10 days I was their, I also found time to be tourists and go around Germany, Switzerland and France with my family... I took way too many photos so I had to cut it down a few

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