Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been really busy at school with revision, mocks and exams! But they're over now so I should be posting more often!

♥ Left to Right: 1) Mini Meringues, I had the raspberry one, they were so nice!   2) Bubble Tea, my new obsession. Cant help but buy one when I am in town, think I've had one in almost every flavour! ♥ 3) Salon Pro Rimmel Kate Moss Nail Polish in the colour 'Hip Hop' ♥ 4) New Pens and Pencils for school off my mum ♥ 5) Bracelets from summer 2 years ago! ♥ 6) Went on a walk with my mum, dad and Remi ♥ 7) My lomography camera ♥ 8) Watch and Nail Polish, love them colours!  

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