Want. Need. Love. All of these things!

1)  Philosophy Rainbow Sherbet Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath - I heard people online talk about this make but I've never used it before, It sounds amazing! And I actually want to eat it for some reason!

2) Daisy by Marc Jacobs Sunshine Edition - Ive had the original but its ran out, Im desperate to buy this!

3) Tumbler Cup - I always buy frappes in the summer, and these would be perfect to put them in, arg I love it!

4) Pretty Petals Beauty Storage - These would be perfect, I'd dying to change around my bedroom, these would be great for storage!

5) Nike SB's - OMG, I want these to the moon and back, its a shame there not out yet, as soon as they are... they will be mine!

6) Ice Cream Oreos - you know you want to try these too, who wouldnt?

7) Monkey Make Up Nail Dryer - But how cute is this?!

8) Floral Leather Watch - I realised the other day Ive never owned a watch! This one is pretty!

9) Internet Sticker Set - I stick stickers on my laptop, and I love these!

What do you think? Seen anything you like? Comment below and let me know, I love reading your comments x
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