This Friday I travelled down to London and slept over ready for the Pulse Tour on Saturday and Sunday. It was the most amazing, inspirational, intense weekend of dance ever! I wish I could do something like this everyday.

"The PULSE on Tour is THE POWERFUL weekend dance event, featuring the top choreographers and instructors in the industry today. Our faculty can be seen on reality television shows (such as So You Think You Can Dance, X Factor, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, Glee), directing the hottest music videos (Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez: to name a few) and tours for leading recording artists, as well as producing and choreographing for headlining movies, commercials, Broadway productions, and distinguished dance companies. Our goal is to educate and teach dancers in a non-competitive environment, and we pride ourselves on having a tremendous faculty who support this cause." - 

From Left To Right: Kim Taylor, Chris Judd, Brian Friedman, Me, Laurie Ann Gibson, Carmit Bachar and Sisco Gomez

My mum and dad took me to this and payed as part of a birthday present, it was my birthday on the 15th, Thank you! 

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