I love searching around the internet finding new products or clothes or accesories that I would love to buy. I usually just forget about them but I'd thought I would share them with you (and also next time I'm shopping I can take a look)

♥ 1- Models Own Box Set, I still dont own one of their nail polishes!
♥ 2- Models Own Lip Balm, I love my lipbalm and this one looks cool!
♥ 3- Cosmetics Bag, I need a new one, this is cute and in the sale!
♥ 4- Hello Kitty Phone, I like to funk up my phone!
 5- Lush Lip Scrub, You can eat it too!
♥ 6- iPhone Purse, I hate having everything in different pockets and this keeps my phone safe!
♥ 7- Topshop Lips in Ooh Laa Laa, I dont own this colour! 
♥ 8- Foundation Brush, I need a new one!
♥ 9- Hollister Spray, New scent and Ive ran out! ♥ 10- Nail Rock Decos, These are cute! 

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