I always go to London quite a lot, I even went every saturday in 2011 until April 2012 for Dance! I love going to London, there is always something to do there. Events, shopping, everything! This trip, I went for 4 days for New Years Eve and Day! It was so much fun!

Day 1-  On the first day I traveled down to London with my parents and little brother, Remi, on the train at 8am! I gotta admit, I was tired but I used to have to go at 6am! YAWN! Once we got there we got the tube to Hyde Park where there was a Winter Wonderland. It was really fun, I was desperate to get on the adult rides, but I went on the ones I could go on with my brother. We went on a fun house where we had to find our way out and didnt know whether the way was going to be a door way or glass wall, Remi full on ran in to a wall then of course, I laughed and karma got me back.. BAM, walked in to a glass wall.

Day 2- This day, we chilled and strolled around the town. We went to Camden, which I was normally used to going at 8am in the morning when it was silent.. this time it was PACKED! In the evening we then went to TGI Fridays in Westfield. I regret going in Westfield, the biggest shopping centre in the UK, all I wanted to do was shop. Anyway, the chips in TGI Fridays have to be the best chips in the history of chips! I also had a Mocca Mud Pie for dessert, which I ate, then thought, damn I should of took a picture.

Day 3- NYE. We swapped hotels, closer to the centre of London and near the fireworks. When it got to the evening, we got ready to go out. Which I wore a skirt, and quickly changed my mind to wrap up warm with layers and pants. It was freezing! I cant get over how many people was there! We was one of the first, in the middle with a good view and was sat there for about 3 hours until we had to move because a group of drunk men stood right in front of us and Remi was slightly scared. They was a bit freaky. We moved more to the end and watched the fireworks. All night it was a really good vibe, everyone was singing and dancing, the DJ was good. It wasnt till the countdown though when I got realllyyy excited. The fireworks were immense and went on for about 10 minutes. When they finished we quickly tried to leave to get away from the crowd. Wrong. They opened the barriers and about 4356789765456789 drunk people ran in screaming, fights... You dont understand how scared I was.. We got stuck in a massive crown with no moving and it didnt help the fact people were stupidly drunk. It was a relief to get back to the hotel and sleep.

Day 4- Of course, I woke up early, got breakfast, fell back asleep. We eventually got up and watched the New Years Day Street Parade, it was really good to watch as people were from all over the world. I also spent the day walking around everywhere in London, taking photo shots for my photography GCSE as it was the last day. Tomorrow we'd be waking up and going home!

P.S- We went to starbucks pretty much everyday thrice.

P.P.S- I filmed my trip and I will post a youtube video soon.. I link will be HERE.. when its done anyway..

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