My Christmas Wish List

There is a various of different things I want for Christmas, so why not most some on my blog?

1- Lush Cosmetics
I'm not certain of everything I want in this shop but some lush treats would be great. The smell is heavenly and their cosmetics is really healthy and treats my body well!
Their bath bombs. Need I say anymore?

2- Hollister sprays in 3 different colours!
So I bought one of these sprays after smelling my friends at school and falling in love. Ever since then, every time I spray it I always hear "omg can you smell that" and "omg it smells fit" therefore I had to get more! What's the point of getting 2 for £24 when I can get 3 for £24?!

3- Clothes Clothes and More clothes!
Top shop and Asos are my favourite shops ATM! I can find everything in there!

4- Mac Makeup!
ATM, I am really lovin lipstick! I've seen a Marilyn Monroe mac lipstick at £15 which is kind of pricey for a lipstick! But they last for so long and the colour is amazing!

5- Rimmel Nail Polish
I already have so many colours in the Rimmel polish but I need more!

Hopefully if I get some of these I can do some reviews and OOTD to show everyone!

6- oh and I'd really love a eos lip balm. But I doubt that is going to happen because I can't find them in the UK :( Someone buy me oneeeeeee ;D

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