Merry Christmas Bloggers! Of course, today I opened all my gifts from my parents! It has been a really fun day, I love everything I have recieved, I had some gorgeous food and ate lots of chocolate! How about you?
It is now 9pm, I am in my bed in my new comfy pyjamas smelling very fruity from a lush party popper bath bomb with my laptop on my knee, editing and writing this blog post.

Some things I got for Christmas and love (thankyou!)

1- Lomography Camera.
These camera come in different colours, shapes, styles and do different things. Mine is pink and is a fish eye camera. I was totally shocked when I got this, I had no clue I was going to get it, I have never mentioned it or asked for it before. Only spoke about it at school to friends in form, Freaky! 

2- Photography Book.

OH EM GEE. I would of never asked for something like this. But I am so glad I have got it! I am doing GCSE Photography on my own after school, this is going to help loads and Im going to get some really cool photos! 

3- Hello Kitty Cup.
Its like a starbucks cup but glass.. reusable... AND HELLO KITTY!

4- Mustache Clip.
Love it! Need to figure a way to style my hair with this, any tips?

5- Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate.
Selections boxes, roses, thorntons. So many chocolate.

6- Mac Lipstick and Foundation.
Brave Red Lipstick and Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. Need I say more?


7- Hand Cream.
Its cute and it smells good.

8- Light Switch Stickers.
My Mum actually read my blog and saw these and bought them! They are really funny and cute. Check out the bunny one I put up earlier here 

I got many clothes and lush stuff. But thats a whole new blog post! I'm going to do many reviews and OOTD! I would really like to know what you got too! Post a blog post of what you got and comment below!

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