My Bucket List

Photo by Myself ;)

I really like writing lists. That might sound really stupid to some of you who don't write them, but when I write lists I feel really organised and know what I want/need etc.. Ive already wrote a bucket list, what to do list, shopping list.. I even write a list of what to do on my next blog post, what to create a new gif of, a bunch of tweets that come to my head by I dont tweet yet! Im crazy.  So i thought I might as well share my bucket list! All the things listed below are what I want  to do before I die in no particular order.

1- Meet Kylie and Kendall Jenner
2- Decorate my bedroom
3- Go to L.A
4- Move abroad
5- Win the lottery
6- Have a walk in wardrobe
7- Travel the world
8- Get rid of my shyness full stop.
9- Go to millennium and movement lifestyle studios
10- Start running
11- Make choreography I am proud of and can post
12- Perform and Audition
13- Own an iPhone
14- Have a spar day
15- Get my nails done at WAH NAILS
16- Spend over £1000 in Topshop
17- Bake a rainbow cake
18- Meet Sam Pepper
19- Meet Cara Delevigne
20- Watch Beyone, Jay-Z and Kanye West in Concert
21- Learn how to longboard
22- Get hair extensions
23- Tried everything in Lush
24- Have perfect teeth
25- Get a big modelling or dance job
26- Have a professional make over
27- Get my ears pierced
28- Own a MacBook Pro
29- Read the whole Pretty Little Liars Book Collection
30- Live on a tour bus

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